The "Just Wonderfil" is a  Private Charter Fishing  Boat in Brooklyn, N.Y.
                 that  comfortably accommodates up to six  people.
"Just Wonderfil"  Sport Fishing
"Whether it be  fighting big blues...

Photographing the sites of
NewYork  Harbor...

Or just a relaxing day on the water...

...We will strive to make your
adventure an enjoyable, exciting,
and    memorable experience!"
- Capt. Phil
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(347) 721-6317

        Bait, Tackle,  Refreshments,  and Fishing Instruction  are all  included in our rate.
                 Now fishing  Seabass, Porgy, Blackfish, Striper, and Bluefish     
Enjoy a fun filled day, whether you're a serious sportfisher, or just out with the kids!!
"Just Wonderfil" Charters     
               Professional  Courteous  Affordable
We are centrally located at
8001  Seaview  Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11236