"Just Wonderfil"  Sport Fishing
Terms and Conditions

No illegal drugs, substances, or weapons of any kind.    No Marajuana smoking, and please, do not come to
the boat drunk or  high.  Your trip will be cancelled and deposit forfeited.

No hard alcohol, but beer in moderation is permitted.

The Captain may terminate a  charter if any passenger  becomes unruly or intoxicated to the                
point of becoming a hazard to himself or others on board.

Just Wonderfil Charters  will not be responsible for any passenger that becomes injured due to his or her
own  unruliness or intoxication.

Items such as sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, sea sickness meds etc. should  be carried on board.
Wear proper clothing for the day; such as rain gear if necessary.  Rubber bottom shoes or sneakers      
should be worn- no high heels please.

The Captain may  terminate or cancel any charter due to bad weather, a storm warning,  or a                 
mechanical problem.  The trip may be rescheduled at the customer's  convenience, or the deposit will
be refunded.

Passengers must comply with all size and limit guidelines. Each passenger may keep one Striped              
Bass over 28 inches, among other species.

We supply the rods. reels and tackle;  however, passengers must handle them responsibly.

The Captain must be made aware beforehand, if a serious  health problem exists  with a passenger.
Just Wonderfil Charters  will not be held responsible if any passenger becomes ill due to poor health  or

CASH ONLY  please for all on board balances.
A $200 Deposit is required at booking to reserve a trip.

Cancellations  must be made no later than 48 hours prior to day of trip for a refund of deposit.       
You may reschedule a trip one time with a 48 hour minimum advanced notice.
Failure to give adequate notice for  rescheduling or cancellations, or a "no show" beyond 45                  
minutes of trip time will forfeit a deposit.

Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash.  

Just Wonderfil Charters is not responsible for any outdated or incorrect third party advertising of  our
product.  The only rates that apply appear on the  rates page of this website.

Upon payment it is assumed  that Passengers have read and  agreed to all terms and conditions.

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