Coney Island Sightseeing
by Just Wonderfil Charters
Enjoy a Full day of sightseeing in Brooklyn, N.Y. on a 40 Viking Yacht  ... All to yourselves!!
                     Dolphin watching - offshore fishing - lighthouses
Refreshmments included
Bring your own food
Beer permitted in moderation only
Statue of Liberty / Lighthouse Cruise
Enjoy a very scenic half day cruise, as you sail through Jamaica Bay, passing Coney Island Beach, and under the Verazanno Bridge
to see the majestic  Statue of Liberty  really close up!  Up to 6 people    $795 total  
Requires a minimum $100 deposit  
               - Refreshments included -  Bring your own food - beer permitted in moderation
Photos by Joe Gillette
Friday Night Coney Island Fireworks
An evening cruise off Coney Island Beach to see the fireworks at the best and safest vantage point!
                      7:30pm - 10:30pm  Refreshments included - up to six people - $595 total
Dolphin Watching
During late Summer, dolphins tend to frolic off our shores. We are seeing them now!  If we're lucky, we might even see a whale.  If
we see birds working the water, we can catch some nice fish too!  An enjoyable, relaxing time on the water to destress, and get
some healthy fresh air.  A private half day charter for up to six people.                              $650     
            - Refreshments included - bring your food -  Beer permitted in moderation
Filming / Photographic Boat Tours
New York Harbor is home to many historic lighthouses, scenic beaches, bridges, and more!  Our boat "Misty" is a very comfortable  
40 ft. Viking Cruiser, available for photographic opportunities, either at the dock or out at sea.     $650 for up to 4 hours.
                                       Hire us for the day!          
                                Just Wonderfil Charters
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11236
Photos by Joe Gillette
free parking                                                                                                             restrooms on premesis